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Office 20 x 20 Bathroom 7 x 13 Room off bath  20.5 x 10.5 Next room  11.5 x 11.5 Shop 103 x 49.5 Back room 14.25 x 48

A family is allowed to live at this location. Prior tenant was family.

An approved business is allowed to operate here - minimum number of employees allowed - minimum vehicles allowed.

This is a 4000 sq ft building which includes an office, bathroom, huge storage building (barn) and fenced back yard.

Not the newest building - otherwise this would rent for $4,000 a month. However, if you are looking for the most square footage and greatest drive by traffic for the least amount of rent --- then nothing will beat this, nothing will get close.

This is nestled in a manufactured housing community - surrounded by other businesses along the highway. It is up front and center facing the highway with tons of drive by traffic. It was formerly used as storage and now will be rented to a resident looking for a large place to live or simply a business needing a lot of space for affordable rent.

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Just Available! This is a 4000 sq ft building which includes a front office, bathroom, huge storage building (barn) and back yard is available for RENT.

Located @ 1109 New Dallas Hwy, Waco, TX 76705

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