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​The 'Mobile Home Rent Credit Program' offers a unique path to home ownership. While renting a mobile home in one of our communities, residents can earn reward credits that can be applied toward the future purchase of that home or any available home in the community.

​Over the course of the lease term, residents receive reward credits for paying rent on time and taking care of their home.

​At the end of the lease term or any extension, residents in good standing can put their credits to use. 

​Credits have no cash value and can only be redeemed to purchase a home.


Every member of the household 18 years or older must complete an application and submit an application with application fee.


​Since this is NOT a credit dependent program, criminal history and income qualification are the largest single factors for obtaining your new home. To qualify we first calculate your total gross monthly income. All income stated on your application must be verifiable, proof of income documents are required. The gross monthly household income must equal to 3 times or greater of your total monthly rent, including lot and home.

​We want all of our Residents to achieve their dream of Home Ownership!

​The credit program is designed to help our residents achieve that dream and stop throwing away all of their money away on rent.


​Each applicant must show one or more valid, unexpired, government issued Identification. The Identification(s) must display your photo, birthdate, and social security number or employment authorization number. All applications and subsequent documents must refer to, and be signed in your current, full legal name.

Rent credit program