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Up to $5,000:

1. The park sale price will need to be greater than $1M to qualify for full referral fee. Referral fee for smaller parks include $3,500 for $750,000 - $999,000 range and $2500 for $500,000 - $749,999. We typically do not purchase smaller parks.

2. We issue a check to your desired name or business name.

3. A 1099 will be required.

collect the money

We own over a dozen parks and most parks will close once under contract. Sometimes, a park owner may become interested in selling their park after they know the value of the park. After reaching an agreement on price with seller we will be able enter into a contract to purchase. Unless some big surprises come up during this time, we will proceed to closing which is typically 30-60 days. At closing, we will issue a check of up to $5,000 for your referral.

How to find us a park...

All You Have To Do In 2 Steps:

1. Make some kind of introduction... 

    We don't want to make a blind offer.

    It can be over coffee, a quick phone call or even an email!

2. Check that the park qualifies to be purchased... 

    (1) Does the park have all city utilities?

    (2) Does the park have more than 50 spaces

    (3) Is the park mostly occupied? (Empty park makes no money)

Make up to $5,000 for just referring a park owner!*


yourpark's referral / finders fee!