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The YourPark Dream

We had a radical idea when we came up with YourPark. We thought, why don’t we forget price and think about what a person’s dream home looks like. In our head, it’s clean, well maintained, and full of all your favorite things. In other words, your dream home is what you make of it. Then we had another idea.

​The house itself is only part of the equation. What makes the place you live in feel like home is everything around it. It’s the feeling of community and good will you get just from being there. At YourPark, we believe everyone should be able to afford living somewhere safe, welcoming, and close by to the things they like. Taking all that into consideration, our dream home checklist was complete.

All YourPark housing communities and mobile home parks are:

●    Safe & Clean
●    Well-maintained with professional management
●    In a great locations!
●    Affordable - always half of the average apartment rent!

​So far the YourPark team has been hard at work bringing affordable housing to parts of the South and Midwest. We’ve established several low income housing communities in Texas, including great locations in San Marcos, New Braunfels, Giddings, Bastrop, Fredericksburg, La Vernia, San Juan, Weimar and La Grange, with many more in the works.

Palm City Community License#: MHDRE00037824 
Hillside Community License#: MHDRET00037932

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